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Integrated scalable, secure, and reliable over-the-air updates and device monitoring. For modern product development and device operation.

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In-house operating system support. Relieves the application-developer from the burden of creating a custom operating system image.


Compact, ready-to-use embedded Computing Modules. Ideal for reliable and cost effective products.


Customizable Single Board Computers (SBC) and Carrier Boards for Development, Volume Productions, and Reference Designs.

Why 大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜

Robust Quality

Our products are designed to run 24/7 in critical applications and to withstand harsh environments.

Platform Scalability

Scalability ensures seamless migration of an embedded platform to future technologies without the need for a redesign.

Operating Systems

大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers in-house operating system support for Windows Embedded Compact and Linux. 大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 images and Board Support Packages (BSPs) are highly configurable by design.

Product Lifetime

大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers more than 10 years of guaranteed product availability: the Colibri PXA270, launched in 2005, was shipped to customers for more than 15 years!

Supreme Performance

大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 invests significant engineering resources in designing and developing both the hardware and software for each SoM in-house.


大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers a superb out-of-the-box experience with its SoMs. Production-grade operating systems that come ready to use let you focus on your applications.

Industry-Leading Support

大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers industry-leading support through multiple technical support channels. You can contact our engineers via email and phone, or reach out on our active 大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Community forums.

Extensive Developer Resources

Our Developer Center contains more than 800 articles and is constantly growing. We also regularly conduct webinars and publish technical blogs.

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Operating Systems

大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers in-house operating system support for Yocto Project and Torizon embedded Linux, FreeRTOS and Windows Embedded Compact. Our trusted partners offer support for additional OSs.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Support is crucial when developing complex products. We at 大型正规网投平台科技-大型正规网投平台科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 focus on providing first-class support free of charge.

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Partner Network

Partner Network

We know that you need more than just our Computer on Modules for your embedded projects. This is why we maintain a strong relationship with trusted partners that specialize in various areas.

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Carrier Board Design

Carrier Board Design

Open-source hardware accelerates your time-to-market and reduces development risk.

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