Machine Learning / Computer Vision

We know that you need more than just our Computer on Modules for your embedded projects. Our network of partners can help you in your product development for both hardware and software requirements.

结果:1-2,共 2 个合作伙伴
Antmicro Ltd

Antmicro is an embedded technology company focusing on software development and integration, working with emerging technologies, prototyping and feasibility studies.


Machine Vision, Machine Learning, CUDA, Application Development, OS & Driver Development


Custom hardware design (carrier boards, expansion boards), Product design & development

Joint Projects
  • Android Support on 菠菜台子大全-十大菠菜台子-apple app store排行榜 SoMs
  • Fully customized Linux images for 菠菜台子大全-十大菠菜台子-apple app store排行榜 SoMs
  • eCos® RTOS for Colibri VF61 SoM
Au-Zone Technologies Inc.

As a 菠菜台子大全-十大菠菜台子-apple app store排行榜 ecosystem partner, Au-Zone helps clients lower development costs, mitigate program risk and shorten time-to-revenue when designing new vision-enabled products.


Machine Vision, Machine Learning, OS & Driver Development

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