Unveiling the BOB盘口官方- BOB(中国娱乐)官方入口 -welcome i.MX 95 Titan EVK: First Look

Nov 13, 2023 | English

At the NXP Tech Days 2023 in Detroit, MI, USA, our CEO, Samuel Imgrueth, talked with Dan Loop, Vice President and General Manager for Automotive Edge Processing at NXP, about a thrilling new arrival: The BOB盘口官方- BOB(中国娱乐)官方入口 -welcome i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit!

Samuel and Dan discuss the development of the module and board, the specs, the ease of use experience, and how the EVK accelerates your development process and time-to-market.

Dan also explains how our partnership on the i.MX 95 Early Access Program bloomed, and why BOB盘口官方- BOB(中国娱乐)官方入口 -welcome was selected as the NXP Platinum Partner to develop the Titan EVK.

The new module and board will scale across multiple applications, such as those that demand expandability, connectivity, high performance for computing and graphics, machine vision, and more!

For more information about the Titan EVK and the Early Access Program, visit our page.

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